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Yours to sell, lease or place
It's good to have a choice. That's why Ameribanc National is letting you decide what's best for you. We're giving away the Hypercom T4220 – the latest, greatest, state-of-the-art terminal - for FREE! All you have to do is decide if you want to sell it, lease it, or place it. Either way, with Ameribanc National, you'll never have to purchase terminal equipment – ever again!

Payment Jack Swipe Device

The Lowest Price Point - at $5/month, we are creating a price point that makes mobile phone processing cost-effective for any merchant.

Free Card Swipe Device - The first card swipe device for each merchant account is free! And, we're subsidizing the cost of additional card swipe devices, with a price of $19.95/each (a $44.00 value)

Versatile Merchant Options - Set up a Payment Jack-only account, or add Payment Jack to an account using a traditional landline terminal or wireless terminal. The card swipe device is free either way!

Free Demo Units - We've even got a free "demo" card swipe device for you. The best way to sell this service will be by showing the merchant how it works on your phone!

Qualify for Ameribanc National' Upfront Bonus Program that offers an 8x True-Up payment up to $1,000 by "placing" the terminal at the merchant location through our Free Placement Program.

Choose from the following options:
Hypercom T4220 (Dual Comm - Dial & IP Capable) with Magtek Check Imager
Nurit 8000 GPRS Wireless Terminal
Payment Jack Mobile Swipe Device

Ameribanc National' new Free Terminal Program gives you the ability to sell or lease free terminals and make as much money as you can - with absolutely no cost to you!

Choose from the following options:
Hypercom T4220 (Dual Comm - Dial & IP Capable)
Hypercom T4220 with Magtek Check Imager

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