Payment Jack


A merchant who utilizes the Payment Jack card swipe device(s) as the only method of processing.

$10/month mobile gateway fee (this covers the first phone line, and it bundles the merchant account service fee and the mobile gateway fee)
Mobile gateway fee of $5 /month for each additional phone line added to the account
No cancellation fee
Not eligible for our Merchant Advantage program
Exempt from our compliance program
Free initial Card Swipe Device, additional card swipe devices at $19.95/each

These stand-alone accounts qualify for our upfront 8X bonus program. As with our regular program, you will receive 8x the monthly net revenue, after payment of commissions, based on the 3rd month’s processing activity. The only difference is that there will be no initial payment at the time the account is approved, and there will be no $100 minimum upfront bonus payment on these accounts.

Wireless Placement Program Summary

Nurit 8000 GPRS Secure Terminal
FREE 2nd day air shipping.

Are there any limitations or requirements?

To qualify for the Placement Program, sales partners need to sell the merchant a $25 monthly minimum and at least a $5 monthly service charge. And, for the Wireless Placement Program, the minimum monthly fees for our GPRS wireless service for the Nurit 8000 - $15 per month plus an extra $0.05 per transaction and a $10 per month Service Charge, needs to be charged.
Established & Boarded Merchant (existing merchant account) will need to show account earnings before any residual commission payout percentages of $150 / month to receive a 2nd placement terminal, and $250 / month to receive a 3rd placement terminal.
The number of free terminals is restricted to one package per retail location. The exception to this will be for large processing merchants. We will create an allowance of one additional terminal - total of 2 at one location - for merchants processing between $50,000 - $100,000 per month (at that location). Merchants with $100,000 - $150,000 per month could qualify for a total of 3 terminals at one location.
In order to implement a Placement Program, each sales partner must have their merchants sign the Placement Agreement or the WIRELESS Placement Agreement. This document needs to be submitted with the application as well as a completed coversheet requesting the free terminal placement.

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