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Announcing our new GiftCards-On-Demand powered by Opticard!
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Do you want to open doors to new merchants? Do you want to retain existing merchants? Do you want to increase revenue?

If you answer "Yes!" to even one of these questions, then Ameribanc National has a solution - GiftCards-On-Demand.

This innovative service offers your merchants the opportunity to add a points-based loyalty card program or a prepaid gift card program. Electronic gift & loyalty systems are rapidly becoming a key ingredient for success in the highly competitive merchant bankcard services marketplace. As a professional sales agent, you must have the entire package in place so your merchants can easily see it, buy it and use it.

The particular card program you choose will depend on your own personal selling strategy and the type of merchant you are selling to.

Gift and loyalty cards are becoming the primary tools for sales success in the bankcard business. Don't miss this opportunity to put those tools in your personal sales kit.

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