How do you get higher residual percentages? What do you need to do?

We offer more Revenue Sharing Split options based on monthly approvals. You have the ability to earn 55%, 60%, 65% splits on your accounts by increasing your production. The 55%, 60% and 65% splits will be available to you each month, as earned by your monthly approval counts or grandfathered forever by your rolling 24-month approval count.

In keeping with our continuing objective to improve our compensation program, we have found yet another way to enable our sales partners to earn a higher percentage split on their accounts. We believe that the thresholds, as reflected in the chart below, will allow our sales partners to earn more money sooner:

Revenue Split Percentage Monthly Approval Totals Grandfather Rolling 24-Month Approval Totals
55% 30 1,440
60% 60 2,880
65% 100 4,800

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