Bonus Qualifications & Limitations:

Account Type  
Market Type Retail, Restaurant, MOTO, Internet, Lodging – EVERY MARKET AVAILABLE! $100 or $200 initial payment, 8x true-up with a minimum payment of $100, maximum payment of $1000 ($800 on wireless)
Multi-Merchant within same Terminal Primary Merchant and additional MIDs will qualify for upfront bonuses. Additional MIDs do not receive the “No Equipment Bonus”.
Payment Profile Option 50%-65% revenue sharing program qualifies for an upfront bonus payment. With our 70% Revenue Share program, no Upfront Bonus is paid.
Previously signed merchant* Not available
*If you are signing a merchant which exists within our portfolio already, you will not be able to earn a bonus on this account.

Free Placement Nurit 8000 $100 initial payment, true up of 8x net revenue of the third month less $200 (covering the extra cost for this type of terminal), with a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $800.
Free to Sell or Lease Terminals Not available

Chargeback Liability Applicable to Full Bonus Payment
60-Day Start-Up Qualification The merchant needs to start “Processing” within the first 60 days of its approval.
6-Month Account Term The merchant needs to remain open and income producing for 6 months after its initial approval.

Published Minimum Rates and Fees:

Pricing (Monthly Fees): Required Fee Amount
Monthly Service Charge $5 / month
Monthly Service Charge
(wireless terminals)
$10 / month

2009 Revenue Share
Dial-Up Per Item Fee
$0.035 / transaction
IP Per Item Fee
$0.025 / transaction
AMEX / Diners Per Item Fee
$0.045 / transaction
Pin Based Debit Per Item Fee
$0.055 / transaction
(plus network acquirer fees)
EBT Per Item Fee
$0.055 / transaction

Minimum Discount Rates:

Blended Rate
Split Rate
Card Present:
Retail, Restaurant, Lodging, etc.
(plus assessments)
1.59% Credit Card
0.58% Check Card
Card NOT Present:
MOTO, Internet, etc.
(plus assessments)
2.18% Credit Card
0.95% Check Card

Minimum Pricing Requirements:
Accounts not meeting these requirements will still be approved, but will be placed in our Greenlight Program

Pricing (Discount Rates & Surcharges):
Required Fee Amount
3 Tiered Pricing
Standard Surcharge Table
You must be priced at or above our advertised minimums within each market in order to qualify (see below)
3 Tiered Pricing
Pass Thru Surcharge Table
Retail = 1.68% (plus assessments)
MOTO = 2.34% (plus assessments)
AND Pass Thru + 30 table or higher
Interchange Based Pricing 50 basis points or higher

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