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We offer two residual compensation plans. The "choice" is yours.
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Option #1 - Revenue Sharing Program
You receive 50% to 65% of the difference between the rates and fees charged to the merchant and the rates and fees paid by Total Merchant Services to its vendors and associations. By choosing this option, you will share income on every available revenue stream.

Learn how increase your residuals from 50% up to 65%!

Interchange and Assessments
Plus Nothing
Authorization Fees
IP Based Processing Per Item $0.025
Global Payments &ndash Visa/MC/Discover Per Item $0.035
American Express Per Item $0.045
Pin-Based Debit Per Item $0.055
(+ network acquirer fees)
EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) Per Item $0.055
Visanet Per Item $0.06
Other Revenue Sharing Program Fees
Monthly Service Charge $5/month
Chargebacks $12.50
(per chargeback)
Retrieval Fee $2.50
(per Retrieval request)
Voice Authorization Fee $0.50
(per item)
Batch Deposit Fee $0.035
(per item)
Monthly Service Charge (wireless terminals) $10/month
GPRS Wireless Activation Fee FREE
GPRS Wireless Service Fees
Using Nurit 8000
(plus $0.025 per item)
Annual Fee (optional, only applies if you charge one) $5.00
Internet Payment Gateways (if applicable) $5/month
(plus $0.05 per item
over 250 items) - Retail Swipe $5/month
(plus $0.01 per item)
Plug N Pay $10/month
PayPal Payflow Link $15/month
PayPal Payflow Pro $25/month
Internet Gateways Setup/License Fees FREE
Plug N Pay FREE
PayPal Payflow Link & Payflow Pro $99
Applications Fees
Application Fees FREE

Option #2 - 70% Revenue Sharing Program
This program is available for all merchant types and can be selected on a merchant-by-merchant basis as you submit your merchants for approval. Simply check this option on your application coversheet. The following conditions apply when selecting the new 70% Revenue Sharing Program:
  • The account will not qualify for any of our Upfront Bonus payments or free equipment placements.

  • The account cannot utilize any of our Terminal Placement Packages (Free Placement, Free to Sell or Lease, or Rental packages).
    With regards to merchant credit losses, the 70% Revenue Sharing Program comes with two liability options as well:

1. No Liability – We will continue to provide the liability protection to these accounts as we do for all others under our traditional compensation programs, with a 3.5 basis points assessment to the Sales Partner's share of the revenue. (3.5 basis points of the merchant's gross processing sales volume.)

2. 100% Liability – Sales Partners earning at least $5000.00 in monthly residual payments can forego the 3.5 basis points assessment and assume the full liability of the merchant's processing.

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