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There are many ways to make upfront money with Ameribanc National!
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You will receive an initial payment of $200 per account with a guaranteed minimum payment of $100, on every account qualified to receive an upfront bonus payment. Using the third month’s processing activity, we will review the account profitability. We will pay 8x the net revenue, after payment of commissions, with a maximum payment per account of $1000 ($800 on wireless terminals).

$200 initial payment with a 8x net revenue true-up bonus for every account. (option to select $100 per account initially if you prefer)


ABC Restaurant is a new account and is paid $200 upon approval. In the third month, the account is earning $80 on our revenue sharing program, based upon 100%. Your office was paid $40 (50%), and we earned the balance of $40. This $40, our net revenue, after payment of your commissions, is then multiplied by 8, for a total amount due of $320. Your office already earned $200, and then a second payment of $120 will be paid (total of $320) on your following month's residual payment.

Bonus Qualifications and Published Minimum Rates and Fees:

Payment Schedule
All bonuses will be paid DAILY and based on approvals from the previous business day.

You will be able to earn an upfront bonus on accounts using our Wireless Placement Program! You can receive an initial payment of $100. For wireless merchants, the upfront bonus payment formula will be 8x the net revenue (net revenue being the amount earned after payment of the residual commissions due on the account), less $200 (covering the extra cost for this type of terminal), with a maximum of $800.

You will be able to earn an upfront bonus on all MOTO (card not present) accounts; even those using our MOTO Placement Program! The only difference is that accounts not using a placement program do NOT receive a “No Equipment Needed” bonus.

If a merchant only requires reprogramming, and not a new terminal, you will earn an extra $100 per account.

$100 for merchants that don't need new equipment
    Note: Available for RETAIL Merchants ONLY. In addition, merchants taking advantage of our Free to Sell/Lease/Place Program do not qualify for this bonus.
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